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Pre-production Inspection

Full inspection on the components, materials and accessories before production, any non-conformity which found during the inspection should be recorded in the report in order to improve timely.

Before the formal product begins, all components, accessories and product methods should be inspected strictly according to client’s requirements, and the products should be verified with the samples confirmed by client in order to ensure the conformity. In this period, we will ensure the conformity between products and samples, and also the correctness of product methods.

The purposes of PPI are:

1) To find the problems before production, avoiding the problems caused by materials and preparation works.
2) To ensure all buyer’s requirements have been well confirmed and putted into production by the factory, especially for some appointed materials, appointed product lines and etc.

The key points of PPI are:

--1) Check the critical materials and BOM
--2) Check the volume production samples
--3) Confirm the customer’s requirements
--4) Semi-finished products and part finished products
--5) Production line and production capacity
--6) Factory production equipment and facilities
--7) Production environment

PPI will help you to confirm whether your supplier understand the production requirement and carry out the production based on the requirement, timely avoiding the production risk.