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Loading Check

Loading check is a very critical procedure during shipment. Even for good quality products, if the loading method is incorrect or inappropriate, it could be defective product, and also might arise the problem such as the delay delivery, incorrect product quantity, product affected for dampness, or any other problem. We can supervise and guide the whole loading process, our service including evaluate the loading status, check the product information, check the product quantity and package information, supervise the whole loading process. In order to reduce the high risk of product replacing after loading, we will seal the counter with special lead seal.

The key points of loading check are:

1) Record the weather condition, counter arrival time, counter number, truck number, checking whether the counter has been damaged, damped or has some special smell.
2) Check the product quantity and the package condition
3) Radom check in order to ensure the actual loading product
4) Supervise the loading process to minimize the damage and maximize the space usage
5) Seal the counters with custom lead seal and CGIS lead seal
6) Record the lead seal number and the leave time

Loading check is a very important procedure to ensure your buyer could receive your qualified products.